This is an excerpt from Working Naked: A guide to the bare essentials of home office life by Lisa Kanarek. When you work from home, you're constantly forced to switch mentally from work mode to family mode within minutes. You need to strike a balance between your professional and personal lives, because they happen in the same place. Here are 10 ways to find that balance:

Despite optimistic reports about the state of the US economy, the truth is that times are still tough for many. With financial insecurity and declining spending, cost cutting and unemployment, people are staying in jobs they hate just because they are afraid of not finding something else. From the rubble of these challenging times, a new type of job has reached it’s zenith. This new worker, known as the “independent contractor” eliminates the financial burden of providing benefits. These freelance contractors, IT contractors, consultants, whatever you call them, are a growing force in the new economy.

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