The Importance of Your Small Business Web Sites - Please remember that your small business web site isn't about your company, your web site is your company. If your web site is sloppy and "un"professional... your visitors may believe that your office is messy and that you're unprofesional. On the otherhand, if the web site is well organized, smart, and easy to use, possiby so are you and your company.

Inviting prospects to your site, is like a free sample, trial-period or a formal introduction to your business. Remember that "1st Impressions Count" and your Web site increasingly is your "1st Impression". As the world depends more and more on technology.... your web site will perhaps be your "1st Impression" for many of your future business prospects. Make sure your introduction captures the personality of the company. But, make sure it also communicates what your company does.... or what type of product or services it offers.

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